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GBox is a company whose beginnings go back over 30 years. GBox has become an industry leader in premium high-performance gearbox work and custom parts design.

The team at GBox works to provide customers with the finest products and support in the world. From the earliest Porsches to the latest RSR, street transmission rebuilding to innovative engineering solutions, the GBox team does it all.

We provide machining services, dog-ring electron-beam welding, re-gearing, LSD setup and rebuilding, transaxle oiling systems, gearbox inversion for kitcar applications and much more.

GBox manufactures such products as a 4140 steel billet bearing retainer plate for the 996 GT2/GT3 and 996TT, billet aluminum shift forks for the G50/G64 and 915/930. We also manufacture many 'no-longer-available' parts for street and race transaxles.

The proprietary solution that the company developed for the 996 2nd gear problem is another example of our engineering expertise and deep understanding of the Porsche gearbox.

Fast turnaround time and international shipping capability allows GBox to provide service to every part of the globe. We repair and upgrade racing team gearboxes and ship them directly to the track: race-winning service and checkered-flag quality is our goal.